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Why choose a boutique property manager ?

A boutique property manager experience is a personalized and customized vacation rental management service that caters to the needs and preferences of individual property owners and vacationers. Unlike larger vacation rental management companies, boutique property managers offer a more intimate and personalized approach to property management, with a focus on providing exceptional customer service and attention to detail.

Boutique property managers typically manage a smaller portfolio of properties, which allows them to give more individualized attention to each property and its guests. They are often located in the local area, which means they have a deep understanding of the local culture, attractions, and amenities. This local knowledge allows them to offer personalized recommendations for things to see and do in the area.

Boutique property managers also offer a range of customized services to property owners, including marketing and advertising, property maintenance and cleaning, guest management, and 24/7 support for guests. They may also offer concierge services, such as arranging airport transfers, booking tours and activities, and making restaurant reservations.

For vacationers, a boutique property manager experience means having access to high-quality, well-maintained properties that offer a unique and authentic travel experience. Vacationers can expect personalized attention, local recommendations, and a range of customized services that can enhance their vacation experience.

Overall, a boutique property manager experience is a personalized, intimate, and customized approach to vacation rental management that offers exceptional customer service, attention to detail, and local expertise.

Vacation Villas of  South Padre Islands, The Premier Boutique Property Management Company since 2002, founded by Jan Whittington and powered by Realtime Booking Site, 

Management Review   If
 you are looking for someone that will represent your best interests and take care of your property like it was her own, then Jan Whittington is the person for you. I cannot express how thankful I am to have her managing my property. She and her great staff are very responsive to my needs and those of her customers. Her reservation system is a breeze to navigate so that I can see how my reservations are going at any time and my payments are also very prompt. It's refreshing to have someone in this business that really cares.
Chris & Diana Franz


  • New Management Options at 
     Vacation Villas of South Padre Island


    Advertising your island home
     annual flat rate listing fee 
    Owners manage their guests and funds and contracts and keep a guest ready onsite property. 
    Get great leads... we send guests your way!! 



    Advertising and booking reservations plus information management
    20% Commission
    Online guest reservations
    Owner login information portal
    We send owners rental revenues and fees
    *Owners manage onsite propety care, cleaning and host guests. 
    *Owners report and pay State and City hotel tax

    Complete guest  PKG 25% Commission
    Advertising & Exclusive marketing
    Online booking for reservations
    We cleaning and provide concierge services 
    Owner login portal 
    We collect report and pay State and City hotel tax
    We send owners rental revenues
    *Owners maintain guest ready onsite property

    Ultimate PKG 30% Commission
    Advertising and special marketing campaigns 
    Online booking reservations
    Guest and property information management
      Owner login portal
    Reservation schedules, owner reservations, and sales reports
    We collect, report, and pay State City and County Hotel Tax
    We manage property care and cleaning
    We provide host services, concierge and guest relations. 
    We trouble shoot onsite issues, manage maintenance and repairs.
    Provide Monthly Performance Reports 
    We send owners rental revenues

 will provide:

  • ·         No initial EZBook set up fee
  • ·         Automatic real time calendar updates within the EZbook secure system.
  • ·         Vacation property owners have total control with a useful and efficient online system.
  • ·         Owners can reserve any dates at anytime at their own discretion
  • ·         Immediate online booking for prospective guests turning lookers into bookers.       
  •      Increased rentals through instant quotes and instant guest reservations.
  • ·         Immediate notification to owners and staff or when reservations are made on real time  web calendars.
  • ·         We generates management reports and monthly statements (Hotel occupancy, Sales Cycle, Reservation, cleaning reports and more)
  • · provides the latest in Vacation Rental Management Software to allow owners to be in total control of their  personal and family reservations and to easily and efficiently  manage all aspects of their reservation.
  • Marketing includes the following:
  • ·         Beautiful dynamic website advertising, including full color slide shows & virtual tours and most importantly, immediate online bookings and fast personalized service.
  • ·         Google, Bing, and Yahoo Search Engine Placement
  • ·         Facebook and Social media marketing
  • ·         Yahoo Yellow Pages- Yahoo Maps
  • ·         Existing customer base over 6000 of South Padre Island travelers on our mailing list
  • ·         Seasonal Special and Promotions
  • ·         Custom Owners Specials upon request
  • ·         We provide cleaning, reservation schedules, calendars and work orders by emails to staff
  • ·         Organize and generate monthly maintenance reports that will facilitate necessary upkeep of each condo…i.e. air filters changed, lights bulbs replaced and any over site for necessary improvements.
  • Managing would entail:
  • ·         Instant credit card payment processing at no cost to owner.
  • ·         Monthly disbursement of rental revenues and fees collected by direct deposit or mailed check.
  • ·         Guest and client tracking to build a preferred customer list.
  • ·         Communications and sales of concierge services and option all services owners want to provide their guests, free support online, e-mail support and telephone support with your personal Account Manager.
  • ·         Insure the properties do not suffer loss or damage due to rentals.  In case that happens Ezbookvacationhomes will manage revisions to replace or fix such damage or loss.
  • EZ Book Vacations will coordinate with staff so that they may handle the following:
  • ·         Tours of the Property
  • ·         Guest check-in  
  • ·         Guest check out
  • ·         Property staging upkeep, inventory and onsite caretaking.
  • EZbook Vacation Homes provides the latest in Vacation Rental Management Software and Service to allow owners to be in total control of their vacation home and to easily and efficiently screen and manage all aspects of their reservation business at a very low price. With EZBook, owners can enjoy creating a rental income as well as enjoy their vacation home with family and friends at their leisure.
  • EZ Book Vacation Homes   Jan Whittington   281-222-0432   [email protected]

  • Vacation Villas of South Padre Island
  • Owners Agreement
  • Easy Online Booking and Management for Vacation Home Owners---Less Work More Vacations!
  • This is an agreement (“Agreement”) Between_____________________________________________________
  • owner of ______________________ ______________ ( Property) And of South Padre Island,
  • Texas, and Is effective this _____day of ____20__. You agree to the terms and conditions below.
  • Homes shall provide you with a dynamic web listing site within domain website that provides owners a dynamic website advertising, immediate online booking, automatic calendar updates, access and alignment to accounting reports, communications for reservation management, payment processing, guest and clientele tracking and data banks, business report generation and communications for concierge services for your prospective renter.
  • You agree that may deduct 25 % of the gross rental amount per booking entered in the system, excluding any sales taxes. All booking fees will be aggregated and charged on the first business day of each month for the previous month when we pay you your rental revenues by check. (Example: The first business day in May you will be charged for all bookings in April.) By signing below, you expressly authorize to deduct the 25% management fee from the rental fees collected on your listing.
  • You shall indemnify, defend, and hold, it’s owners, harmless from all claims made by any occupants of the property booked by shall provide for cleaning and guest related repairs and any special requests made by owners or guests with appropriate notice. These services and or goods provided shall be billed, if there is as an expense, to guest or owners monthly by accordingly. As the owner you have the responsibility to make online reservations through the owner login tab on our website. You are required to make and cancel or update reservations for your use of the home with out and limitations. You agree to honor all guest reservations on the schedule made by guest.
  • This Agreement shall commence on the Effective Date and Shall Continue for 1 year until termination as set forth herein. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time on thirty (30) days written notice to the other, by sending notice to the address first stated above or by email.
  • Owner ________________________________________ Tax Id ________________________
  • Rental Revenue Payee__________________________________________________________
  • Street:__________________________City, State,Zip__________________________________
  • Cell Phone:_______________________________Office _______________________________________
  • Email Address:____________________________Home warranty Acct #__________________________
  • Special notes__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  • Vacation Villas of South Padre Island /EZ Book Vacation Homes PO Box 3712 South Padre Island Tx, 78597
  • Jan Whitttington 281-222-0432  [email protected]